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When One Pill Kills

Eight parents mourn children poisoned by deadly pills bought on Snapchat…

How Fentanyl is Unfolding as one of America’s Greatest Tragedies

More than 100,000 people died from overdoses in a single year – driven primarily by one drug…

“Don’t Gamble If You Don’t Have a Stash From Pre-2020”

The ultra-powerful synthetic painkiller is increasingly mixed with other drugs, from cocaine to Xanax and Adderall…

As Opioid Overdose Deaths Surge, It’s Time for a Reality Check

In a year riddled with grim milestones, the recent marking of a record 100,000 drug overdose deaths in America didn’t remain long in the news cycle…

What Parents Can Do When Kids Have Suicidal Thoughts

New research is uncovering warning signs that might indicate whether a child is more likely to act on those thoughts…

Disaster In Plain Sight

Fentanyl is a public health crisis. Is the city of San Francisco treating it like one?

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Tea party celebrates women, supports good cause

The Mad Hatter has nothing on Erin McCurdy when it comes to tea parties. Sure, the Hatter had Alice, the March Hare and the Dormouse as guests, but McCurdy has invited nearly 80 friends to her…

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Resources for adolescent and family mental health support

60 Minutes, Sharyn Alfonsi reported on the harmful effects social media can have on adolescents across the U.S. If you or someone you know needs help, the following resources are available

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Top Justice Department official calls on social media companies to do more as teens die from fentanyl

Landen Hausman, a high school sophomore, died in January after buying fentanyl-laced Percocet through a dealer on social media. His family found him collapsed on the bathroom floor and tried to revive him with CPR, but it was too late

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The Youngest Victims of the Fentanyl Crisis

Toddlers are dying after accidentally ingesting the potent synthetic opioid their parents use; a 2-year-old ‘ate mom’s pills’. Brianna Roush woke from a nap at home on a Sunday afternoon last January to find her 20-month-old son, Leightyn, disoriented and moaning…

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2022 was a deadly (but hopeful) year in America's opioid crisis

When the history of America’s long, devastating opioid crisis is finally written, 2022 may be remembered as both a low point and a turning point…

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What is Stop The Judgment Project?

Stop the Judgment Project is a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which has been granted tax-exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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The mission of Stop the Judgment Project is to raise awareness of the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders - particularly in young people - through educating the public about the complexity of these issues, addressing society’s apathy towards those suffering and offering support to those in need.

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Stigma, shame and judgment are experienced by many suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorders.   These issues can create a barrier for those who may benefit from treatment and support. They may be afraid of potential judgment from the people in their lives and society at large.  Addressing the stigma, shame and judgment is one step to preventing countless tragedies, from drug overdoses to suicides.

How can I partner with Stop The Judgment?

You can help STJP break the stigma associated with substance abuse and mental health disorders by (1) becoming more compassionate towards those afflicted with a condition and supporting those in need, (2) educating yourself and others about the complexity of substance abuse and mental health disorders, and (3) donating to Stop the Judgment Project.

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Stop the Judgment Project, 1807 Willow Oak Drive, Wexford, PA 15090

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Stop The Judgment's Tax ID Number is: EIN # 86-2065648