Our Mission & Goals

Our Mission: To Stop The Judgment

Ending the stigma of mental health disorders and substance use disorders in young adults.

Our Goals:

Educating The Public

Educating the public on the complexity of substance use disorder when combined with a mental health disorder, and how these two diseases often are linked.

Generating Societal Compassion

Generating more societal compassion and kindness for young people who are dealing with an addiction and a mental health diagnosis.

Opening Lines of Communication

Opening the lines of communication so that no one is too ashamed or too scared to talk about or seek help for these disorders.

Supporting Families

Supporting families who are on this lonely journey with a young loved one or have lost a child.

Funding Projects

Helping to fund projects that make measurable positive changes in relation to substance use disorders and mental health disorders.

Our Inspiration: Siena


Siena “Sadie” Bott was a beautiful person inside and out. She was taken from this world at a mere 21 years of age when she died of fentanyl poisoning in 2020.

Siena’s huge heart and kindness toward others meant she was always willing to help out a friend in need.

She wanted to avoid the stigma and shame our society puts on people who are living with addiction.

Her Story
Sherry Jo Matt and Thomas Bott of Stop The Judgment Project attend an event

Together, we can stop the judgment!

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