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Dealing with a Dual Diagnosis – UPMC HealthBeat Podcast

Mental disorders and drug and alcohol use can often go hand and hand. Shannon Brogdon, MS, Program Manager, Dual Diagnosis Unit, UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital explains how treatment is changing and how patients are finding new hope.

UPMC Healthbeat Podcast - Dealing with a Dual Diagnosis
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Originally Published: March 14, 2022

(Podcast Transcript Snipped)

– This podcast is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not medical care or advice. Clinicians should rely on their own medical judgments when advising their patients. Patients in need of medical care should consult their personal care provider.

– It’s called a dual diagnosis. Mental problems and drug and alcohol abuse often go hand in hand. So how can it best be treated, and is there hope for patients? Hi, I’m Tonia Caruso. Welcome to this UPMC HealthBeat Podcast, and joining us right now is Shannon Brogdon. She’s the program manager of the Dual Diagnosis Unit at UPMC Western Psychiatric Hospital. Thank you so much for joining us.

– Thank you so much for having me.

– So, I guess, first, how common is it that folks have a dual diagnosis?

– So that’s kind of a complicated question, but right now the research says that about 50% of individuals who struggle with a severe mental illness also struggle with substance use issues. So about half.

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