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That’s the most important thing in this world is being of service to other people” –Macklemore

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What is Stop The Judgment Project?

Stop the Judgment Project is a non-profit organization based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania which has been granted tax-exempt status under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

What is stop the judgment's vision?

The mission of Stop the Judgment Project is to raise awareness of the stigma associated with mental health and substance use disorders - particularly in young people - through educating the public about the complexity of these issues, addressing society’s apathy towards those suffering and offering support to those in need.

Why Should I donate to Stop the Judgment?

Stigma, shame and judgment are experienced by many suffering from substance abuse and mental health disorders.   These issues can create a barrier for those who may benefit from treatment and support. They may be afraid of potential judgment from the people in their lives and society at large.  Addressing the stigma, shame and judgment is one step to preventing countless tragedies, from drug overdoses to suicides.

How can I partner with Stop The Judgment?

You can help STJP break the stigma associated with substance abuse and mental health disorders by (1) becoming more compassionate towards those afflicted with a condition and supporting those in need, (2) educating yourself and others about the complexity of substance abuse and mental health disorders, and (3) donating to Stop the Judgment Project.

Where do i mail my donation to stop the judgment?

Stop the Judgment Project, 1807 Willow Oak Drive, Wexford, PA 15090

What is Stop The Judgment's Tax id number?

Stop The Judgment's Tax ID Number is: EIN # 86-2065648